Tours Offered

Traditional Tour

Due to circumstances out of our control, the late start to the season and the ongoing construction on the roads of Tonawanda we have decided that is is best that we do not operate tours the 2020 season. 2021 should bring open bars, open roads and a more healthy and safe season! I apologize if this decision ruins plans you had for a ride this summer but please keep us in your plans for next season!

Our two hour traditional Tour will provide you with pub stops of your choice. Your crew may want to hit up some of Tonawanda’s fine establishments right on the water or choose to stay a little further in land and visit the Oliver, Webster and Main street bars. Fortunately you do not have to make any decisions when you book! Get your desired date locked away and meet with your fellow peddlers to discuss your stops.

Keep in mind over the course of two hours your group will usually have time for 3 stops (plan for 25 minutes) but also be prepared to shave 1 stop off of your original list of 3 IF you decide to stay at each venue longer than advised. The Google Map link at the bottom of the page will provide you with a list of approved venues.

Historic Tour

Our historic tour will take your crew around Tonawanda and allow you to embellish in it’s rich history. You will visit sites such as the Herschell Carrousel factory, the Riviera Theater, the Carnegie Arts Center and more. Your guide will fill you with details of each site and inform you of some of the “super stars” that have emerged from the Tonawanda area. Your group is always welcome to bring beverages of your choice and snacks but it will be just as amazing without those items! Click the Google Map link below for locations of each historic landmark.

Please take note that the Historic Tour does not stop at local pubs.

Consider booking an outing with your sports team, birthday (etc.) for groups ages 12 to 20 years of age. We would be happy to stop for a picnic on the Canal, ice cream on Webster, Herschell’s Carousel Factory Museum or any place that the group wishes.

Please let us know while booking a Traditional Tour if you are booking for an underage tour. There is a “Special Requests” section under “Tour Details” where you can let us know in a few words. 

It is very important to have your group ready and at the bike 15 minutes prior to your scheduled launch time. Lost time for any tour cannot be extended on to the back end of your tour. We have tours running back to back so lost time due to your tardiness will not be made up.

We are always willing to work with our customers so please feel free to contact us if there are any adjustments or issues you are facing. We can even add times and dates to our tours if your group requires a different schedule. You just need to contact us to see if we can work it out with our staff.

NEW STARTING LOCATION FOR ALL TOURS: 280 Michigan street North Tonawanda NY 14210, Smith Boys on Tonawanda Island 


  • Weekday Tours for 2020 season only (Monday – Thursday) $250
  • Weekend Tours for 2020 season only (Friday – Sunday) $300

*These prices do not include gratuity for your guide. DON’T FORGET TO TIP YOUR DRIVER