Whoever books your trip will be the trip “Organizer.” We instruct the organizer to share the important information upon booking with the entire group before Tour Day. The information that the Organizer will receive upon booking will contain daily instructions as well as our liability waiver.

At this time we are a new business, therefore we only have ONE 15 person pedal bike. We hope to expand in the future but at this time we can only accommodate groups up to 15 people in size.


Have each person in your group complete the waiver when you arrive for your tour. The tour guide will instruct you through this process but please be familiar with the rules and regulations before hand.

Start thinking about which venues you would like to visit throughout your tour. Your guide can help you with this decision if you cannot figure it out with your peddlers by GO time.

Please feel free to bring beverages of any sort (beer, pop, wine etc). Keep in mind your beverages must be drunk out of a plastic containers or cans and you must NOT drink past your limit! Our on-board cooler with ice will fit enough beverages for everyone to have a few drinks throughout the tour.

Ladies, there is little room for several large purses so you may want to choose to go with a clutch or a smaller handbag for the tour. We have overhead storage if you are bringing supplies but space is very minimal. We are an open mode of transportation so if you are not hanging on to it we can not promise it won’t disappear.

In Western New York you never know what the weather will do so dress for the occasion. Especially if you are booking in the Fall or the Spring.

Snacks are always yummy and welcome! Your guide will also be happy to pre-order food for your crew from any of your stops so it is ready when you arrive! When planning snacks keep in mind it might be hard to hang out to a tray of veggies or cheese when we are in motion. Plan to keep the snacks contained in something that will survive the exciting ride.

We provide a speaker which has Bluetooth capabilities so no need to bring a speaker or auxiliary cord. The only thing you may want to prepare is a fun and upbeat playlist!

If you need help taking photos don’t hesitate to ask your guide. Sometimes a selfie doesn’t always capture the moment with your entire group. If you don’t mind we would also love to share your group photos on our Facebook.

Feel free to spruce up the occasion with decorations! The bride-to-be, groom, birthday boy/girl, Boss (etc) will appreciate a little enthusiasm on their big night out. We only have about 15 minutes between tours so keep that in mind when planning the AMOUNT of decorations. The last thing you want to be doing during Pedal Time is decorating! Especially when we cannot add any time on the back end of the tour for lost time in the beginning.

We all have that one friend or family member that is traditionally late. Why hold up the excitement when you can pick them up at the first stop?! To start on time feel free to tell those late comers that we are starting without them but we will see you at the first stop. Keep in mind that you need 7 people minimum to comfortably pedal our bike so we will need at least eight humans to get started.

Please enjoy snacks and beverages while you are in your seat on the bike but PLEASE do not step one foot on the pavement if you still have a cracker or beer in your hand! We do not want the fun to end with the LAW.

TIP YOUR DRIVER. What’s the saying: “happy wife, happy life?” Well same goes for “happy drivers, happy tours.”

Ask your driver to help you with whatever your needs are during your tour. We have supplies if you forget yours, we have the 411 on the Tonawanda area, so even if you come ill-equipped your guide can usually help your group out deciding where to stop and with the use of certain supplies. The only thing we CANNOT do is supply you with alcoholic beverages. NO STATE in the U.S. has granted the use of a liquor license to ANY pedal pub so we apologize that we cannot provide this service for you at this point. Who knows… maybe the laws will change in the future?

Consider booking a sports outing, birthday (etc.) for groups ages 12 to 20 years of age. We would be happy to stop for a picnic on the Canal, ice cream on Webster, or the Herschell’s Carousel Factory Museum and Please let us know during booking if you are booking for an underage tour. There is a “Special Requests” section under Tour Details where you can type in notes. 

Ask about our silipints and siliwine glasses! For $10 you can purchase our unbreakable 16 ounce Huffin Pedal Tours silipint as a souvenir or an unbreakable wine glass. We will be selling them right off of the bike day of tour. We can take Charge or Cash $$


Everything must be in a non breakable material, no glass! So when you are deciding “should I grab bottles or cans of beer”, go with cans. If you bring something contained in glass you may be asked to leave it behind or it must be poured into plastic for consumption.

Think about the placement of your belongings on your body, you are pedaling a bike; you do not want to lose your wallet, sunglasses or cell phone while in motion.

Whatever your tour Guide says always GOS. Listen for any safety information or demands the guide may make and follow them in ALL circumstances.

Smoking or vaping is NOT ALLOWED on or around our bikes just like any NYS business. You can smoke or vape 10 feet from the bike.

The use of illegal narcotics before or during the tour will result in a cancellation of your tour without a refund so please don’t spoil the fun!

Riders under 12 years of age are NOT ALLOWED to ride aboard our bikes. Unfortunately if you have any riders under the age of 21 you are NOT allowed to have any alcohol on the bike for your tour. Your guide will check ID’s.

Animals (cats, dogs, donkeys, monkeys etc) are NOT ALLOWED aboard our bikes. For safety, please ask about service animals prior to your tour.

The start location for your tour is at 280 Michigain Street North Tonawanda NY 14210 (Smith Boys Boat Repair and Arena) located on Tonawanda Island. This is also the END location for your tour. If your group decides not to finish the tour, the tour Organizer’s card will be subject to a $50 Motor back fee. The electric motor is a back up assist and is not equipped for consistent use throughout the day.